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Relevations 22:20 // Semi-update/Links List/Questions for readers 
17th-Nov-2009 02:38 am

Someone asked for the links for 6-9 and I realized I hadn't put them up anywhere convenient. For those of you who are interested HERE is the sticky post which will continue to be updated as new chapters are added. I'm doing that on my personal journal and you may want to bookmark so that it doesn't get lost in sylar_claire's lackluster tag system.

Note: I've gone back and rearranged the chapter numbers so there's no longer two X "side stories" (related to whether they fit my bingo). Now every story has a number in the line.

I plan to later go back and make sure all the posts clearly outline which chapter is which but it's bedtime for me.

One: Coming For Her ;
Two: No Escape ;
Three: Aftermath ;
Four: Respite ;
Five: Descent ;
Six: Bent To Will ;
Seven: Restful ;
Eight: Testing Waters ;
Nine: Listening ;
Ten: Knowing ;
Eleven: Maslowian Needs ;
Twelve: Touchstone // Redoubt (Part I) ;
Thirteen: Redoubt (Part II) ;
Upcoming chapter >> Fourteen: Renegotiations [ETA: Two days.] Highlights: electrical play (for fun), flexibility, and gags.

Also, for the anon in the last post who requested watersports. Which sort of watersports were you thinking? Urination on/in mouth of a person or bathroom control or something else? No promise to include anything but I need clarification before deciding.

Finally, please suggest a kink (anonymously is fine, more than one is fine). At this point I'm pretty much skimming a list and picking out whatever fits my chapter mood that day. I wouldn't mind suggestions.

Oh, and is anyone interested in this having more actual plot? As in, bringing in other characters (Sandra, Noah, Matt, Peter) and including more Molly? I know it's basically a PWP and I don't have a problem keeping it this way, but if you're interested in plot then I might as well give that a shot too.

Signing Off,
Heroes + Claire Dying's Not That Bad
17th-Nov-2009 12:40 pm (UTC)
I don't mean to be a prude, but could you put some of this behind a cut? The mention of watersports while I'm having my morning coffee is not a good combination.
17th-Nov-2009 07:35 pm (UTC)
Oh, sure. Sorry. I was sleepy and this comm is so kink friendly (in general) I didn't even think about it. But you're right. Under a cut now.

And you're not a prude. I've just lost all sense of logical boundaries after seven -- eight? oh, god, let's not go into my age -- in fandom.

Edited at 2009-11-17 07:39 pm (UTC)
17th-Nov-2009 01:54 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much for organizing all the parts. It was a bit difficult to find them in the Sylar_Claire archives, and as you said, this comm could probably do with a wider variety of tags on the lines of places like heroes_fic. Anyway, loooong post coming up because I have way too much time on my hands today...

I'm enjoying the claustrophobic aspect of the fic, as it were, where virtually everything is focused on Sylar and Claire's interaction. This obviously parallels the fantasy Sylar is fulfilling, where he has essentially reduced the wide universe outside, where people have repeatedly manipulated and betrayed him, to a microcosm consisting of himself and two people over whom he has complete control.

Having said that, there might come a point, possibly a bit later in the story, when Sylar, being the drama queen that he is, wants to show off what he's done. I know he made a videotape for Noah and Angela, but he would probably want to *see* their reactions so he can rub their noses in it, as it were. (Incidentally, given how evil Sylar is in this fic, I'm surprised those two are still alive *g*)

It would also be interesting to explore how Claire interacts with other people after her prolonged imprisonment and torture. She may find it difficult to remember how to behave normally with other people (Sylar would be delighted). I was intrigued by the idea of Sandra coming to dinner, for example.

Anyway, you can tell I've given this story way too much thought. ;)
17th-Nov-2009 07:43 pm (UTC)
*grins* The Sandra-dinner idea is still there and is part of what 14 was going to cover and then I chickened out on when I realized I had to figure out how, exactly, Sandra would react and I don't have time to go back and rewatch some of the more awesome Sandra scenes (winter break, please come now... please. damn grad school). But it will come, if nothing else does.

And my reasoning for them being alive is that it's far more fun (for Sylar) to break someone from the inside out (mentally) rather than the outside in (physically). He easily could have killed Noah half a dozen times, not the least of which was when he walked into Noah's apartment as Sandra. But he went with the emotional pain instead. He doesn't want Noah dead; he wants him to suffer. Or such is my motivation for thinking he might kidnap Claire *and* Molly, since kidnapping a baby (that's, you know, not his biologically) would be boring. *grins*
18th-Nov-2009 10:14 pm (UTC)
Yes, dinner with Sandra would be interesting - I suppose her reaction will depend on whether she knows that Sylar is sequestring Claire, or thinks Claire is there of her own free will, or is even fed the illusion that Claire is with someone completely different (though I don't think Sylar would necessarily be interested in going down that road in this fic). It would also depend whether she sees a (relatively) normal Claire, or the Stepford Claire that Sylar was creating in part 13. (The episode where Eric Doyle captures Claire, Sandra and Meredith might help with her reaction?)

I did get the idea that Sylar was toying with Angela and Noah and therefore didn't want to kill them outright (by now, he might apreciate that there are worse things than death ;), and I agree with the other poster that it could be interesting to see their reactions.

If you don't want to introduce someone else's pov, you could have Sylar simply give Claire a vision of members of her family seeing that video for instance, or discussing how they're going to save her (complete with Sylar mind-fuck about how he's going to stop them) - that way, you'd stick to the story being all about Claire and Sylar while still showing us the other character's reaction.

(Did you get the PMs I sent yesterday, btw?)
17th-Nov-2009 08:28 pm (UTC)
I would love it if you brought in other characters and had more of a plot. I have been curious as to what Noah, Angela, Peter, ect. are doing and thinking with Claire missing. Thanks for the post.
18th-Nov-2009 03:42 am (UTC)
As the sole voice of desire for this you have convinced me to do it (no dissenters at least! *laughs*). I just didn't want to bore people with me playing around with characters if there was no interest.
17th-Nov-2009 10:55 pm (UTC)
I'm confused, is chapter 14 not supposed to be available yet?
18th-Nov-2009 03:40 am (UTC)
It's not. It'll be available either tomorrow or the next day, hence the little ETA. I thought I'd give a preview. : ) Sorry. I'll label it 'Upcoming chapter' to avoid confusion.
30th-Nov-2009 09:32 am (UTC)
The series is so sick and wrong, but I am in love with it! I'm about half way through atm.

Also, I made a NSFW manip inspired by your series. Thought you might be interested. :) Manip
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