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FIC : Knowing [NC-17; explicit] 
29th-Aug-2009 05:15 am
Title: Knowing
Characters/pairings: Sylar/Claire
Summary: A message for Noah and Angela brings Claire and Sylar closer together.
Rating: NC-17.
Warnings: Kinks are film and object penetration (sex toys).
Notes: ~4300 words. Thanks to everyone who commented. We're back to the sex now. Revelations has reached just over 39,000 words, making it in novella territory for right now, without a clear end in sight. Ideally I'll manage a blackout using only this universe and a few stand-alone stories (damn you, orgy and ageplay).

* * *

Sylar watched as the tub slowly refilled with water, his damp hair trailing bits of water down his neck. Curled inside, her knees still to her chest, her cheek against her knee, Claire flexed her toes as the level rose above them and he left it to refill. She still needed to wash her hair, now that the blood had soaked off, and he thought she might enjoy the time alone. In the master bedroom he changed the sheets and the cover of the bed, reminding himself to use the plastic sheet next time he decided to bleed her, with a matching dark green set. Then he dressed.

The kitchen still had blood in it and he cleaned that next, repairing the holes the nails had made and putting away the boards before he made two sandwiches and two cups of fruit. His feet fell softly on the carpeted stairs as he made his way to the second floor and Molly's room, entering easily. She sat on the bed, listening to the iPod she'd had the presence of mind to bring along with her the night Sylar grabbed her, and reading a book.

He caught her attention simply, stepping into her line of sight, and put the plate with the fruit cup and sandwich down on the desk. “Lunch time.”

Molly stared up at him with striking blue eyes, tugged the ear buds out quickly, and said, “Thank you,” so quietly he almost didn't hear it. But he did and for following the rules he gave her a smile and produced a candy bar out of his pocket, tossing it on the bed next to her. “Is Claire okay?”

He'd sound proofed the rooms but the girl hadn't seen Claire all day so he supposed the question made sense. “She's taking a bath right now and then we're going to relax a little. There's bubble bath in your bathroom. I'll be back with dinner and a new book so have your assignment ready.” Practice. Molly made good practice for when Claire and he had children of their own so he worked on being gentle with her, keeping her relaxed and happy but structured. Just because he'd kidnapped her didn't mean she could stop her schooling – and he probably taught more interesting and useful material than the school anyway. “Don't worry about Claire. She's okay. I want her to like me.”

The truth wrapped up in a little bit of omission made everything easier; he didn't lie, not exactly.

His errand finished he left Molly to her food and her book, making his way back down the stairs and to the bedroom. He set the other plate down on the desk and quickly ate his sandwich before going to check on Claire, who'd finally uncurled and relaxed in the tub, her eyes closed. Unable to hear his approach, he had to reach down and touch her to get her attention but she didn't jump. “Time to wash your hair.” His eyes followed her without touching as she eased back to wet her hair and then ran her soaped up fingers through it, suds dripping into the water. The room filled with the sweet scent of apples, the shampoo she used at home, as she washed. He drained the tub afterward, using the extended shower head to do one more pass through her hair to get all the soap, and picked up a towel.

After he wrapped her hair in a towel he methodically dried her, paying attention to each curve of her body from her calves to her shoulders equally. Even with a layer of terrycloth between them the excitement of touching her toned body, being close enough to smell her, made him hard. Her hair came next and he brought in a stool so that he could work, standing over her as he dried and combed her hair out. She sat docilely, swaying a bit as the comb worked, and then went to her knees on the tile floor and he smiled.

The game had started finally.

He knew this would happen. He'd pushed her far enough she'd decided on the path of least resistance and playing along rather than fighting actively; now he could really start to subtly, slowly convince her of his point of view while she thought she still resisted. Crouching down to get to her eye level he signed, “Good girl,” and then stroked her now dry hair. He explained the sign he'd chosen for her name next – a combination of the sign for 'good girl' and the letter 'C' – and then took her back into the bedroom. Her short legs stretched to get onto the bed and without prompting she laid down and looked away, obviously prepared to fuck.

That wouldn't do, not at all. Sylar reached over and pinched a nipple roughly, pulling it away from her chest until her teeth grit in a hiss at the tension. His other hand reached down and rubbed over her clit, reinforcing the pain. When her expression relaxed, he moved to her other nipple and noticed it was already hard. Poor Claire didn't realize that all of her water, which she sucked down in between activities, had been laced with chemicals to induce arousal. Another nifty power to have and maybe his favorite off of Elle's list, save the lie detection. At doses that would leave someone with a normal metabolism unable to think from the arousal she couldn't help but respond to his touches despite all her mental desire not to. He loved it when a plan came together. Her clit firmed underneath his touch, his fingers ghosting the edges of her soaked entrance as she worked at controlling her breathing. One little piece of resistance that he'd break right open.

Suddenly he plunged his middle finger inside her ready pussy, thrusting it in and out five times before he withdrew completely and sucked it into his mouth. He liked the taste of arousal he'd caused himself; it had a real touch of victory tasting sweet. Tapping her cheek to get her attention he signed, “Do you want to come?”

Her mind screamed yes but her hands said, “I guess,” and he grinned down at her. No orgasm for uncooperative girls. After he stripped his shirt off, tossing it toward his desk chair, his hands came down on her hips. His superior strength and telekinesis turned her over under him and he settled over the top of her deliciously firm ass cheeks, his erection rubbing in between. Even through the thin fabric of his sleep pants he could feel the heat of her skin and the jerk of her muscles.

He'd laced the massage oil with the aphrodisiac, giving her more exposure with no risk to himself as, like with most powers, he'd proved immune to its own effects, and now gestured it over to him. The first touch of his oil slicked hand against her soft, dry skin made her tense uneasily. Not ready for his touch but without the option to avoid it – a parable of their relationship if there was one – she relaxed in increments, each muscle group uncoiling as she breathed. His fingers dug into the tight knot at the top of her spine, kneading along the bone down through her shoulder blades until her muscles collapsed in a breath, leaving her malleable underneath his hands. When they skirted the sides of her full breasts she shivered and when he forced a knot in her left shoulder to release she gave the smallest of whimpers, stiffening him even further with that single sound.

One thing he believed, absolutely and without question, was that he loved her as much as he'd ever been capable of it. He knew his sense of love had been distorted and broken, torn up without relief, filled with betrayal. He knew she would never betray him and he would never betray her. That made her even more special than her power did.

“I love you.” He pushed the thought into her mind and she shivered. “I need you. I can stop killing for you.” He'd made her that promise and now he'd be bound to it for eternity. It took a weight off his shoulders that he'd been carrying so long it'd felt like he'd been cut in two.

It felt like he'd been freed.

Claire shivered again, closing her eyes against the onslaught of sensation. His hands stayed steady despite the need coursing through him. When he moved, he moved over her, touched her skin and felt her blood pumping underneath it. She felt like life, the opposite of what he'd created for so long and he'd almost forgotten what that felt like.

Sylar ran two of his fingers down her cheek, stroking the soft skin before feeling the outline of her mouth. In all that they'd done, they'd done so little kissing. Intent on her relaxing he almost missed when she finally dozed off, hands curled around the pillow and a slight smile on her face. He let himself off gently to go wash his hands and returned to the bed naked and hard to wake her. As he laid a kiss on the corner of her mouth she started to stir; he stretched out next to her in the next second, taking her closest hand to run his fingers over the inch-wide steel cuff circling her wrist. He threaded their fingers together after that and she didn't resist or try to yank her hand away as consciousness came to her fully.

Her green eyes opened, leaving her brightly aware and watching him carefully. She never watched his eyes, careful of the order to keep her eyes down, but focused on his chin instead and he let her. Ever so slowly he leaned in and pressed his dry lips to her moist ones, a chaste kiss if not for their naked bodies. Claire startled, moving her lips against his after a few seconds. The action stayed tentative, unsure, and as he delved into her mind he realized he was only the third boy she'd kissed. The first man, really. He dropped little kisses on the corners of her mouth before meeting in the middle again as he prod her lips open this time. Their tongues met, her mouth tasting of the strawberry flavored water she'd sipped down. Her tongue played with his, teasing into his mouth and pulling little pleased feelings from him. The arousal pooled low in his belly. Her own arousal played across her sensitive nerves and with his free hand he grazed her nipples in the barest of touches, her breath catching at the sudden assault of sensation and her thighs dampening.

When he broke the kiss she laid back, panting a little, a dazed look on her face. He'd put that there. It made him smile and, releasing her hand, he signed, “You've been a very good girl today.” Her expression stayed passive. “After we make love, you may have a few hours to yourself to read or relax.”

Her teeth bit into her bottom lip as she stayed cautious of his sudden generosity but she still nodded. “Thank you.”

“I can be kind, you know; I can even be generous. I like making you smile. Would you smile for me now?” Lips twitching and eyes uncertain, Claire still did her best to comply, a small but at least somewhat genuine smile. It fell within seconds but she breathed out slowly, resting her head down on the pillow. For a long few minutes he combed his fingers through her baby soft hair. “Please turn over.”

The gentler manner kept her relaxed, though unsure, as she complied, spreading her legs when her back touched the bed spread. That simple action – spreading her legs – spoke volumes about her submission and her resignation but he didn't want her resignation so he nudged her thighs back together with the back of his free hand. He slid his body over to her, cupped the back of her head through her hair, and kissed her again. Her mouth parted immediately, letting him in, but he kept the kiss like a lovers' touch on a lazy afternoon. He'd done this with Elle before but he preferred his company now. She had simply always been too much of a wild card and she'd betrayed him. Claire would never do that.

His arousal stayed a breathing, pulsing throb in his stomach and groin through the kiss while hers built playfully, edging him towards a higher peak. Each time he touched her in the right way, a stroke here, a pinch there, and rub against the folds of her pussy, he could feel it in the way the emotions rode high. Empathy sometimes had its advantages. They kissed for a long time, his hands roaming her body and hers wrapped around the tops of his shoulders, as if steadying herself. He had to tear himself away to get up and go over to where, in previous play times, he'd kept the camera rolling. She watched him with curious green eyes and a tenseness crossed her face as he picked up the recorder.

He put it down again at the end of the bed and explained, “I've been making a series of tapes for your father about what's been happening to you, mostly for the obvious reasons, but I haven't sent them yet. I won't send them on one condition.” Her eyes widened slightly, perking up in attention at the possibility of avoiding that humiliation. “We'll make another tape, under the covers to protect your modesty from your father's eyes, where you're willing and relaxed.” Her lips pressed together tightly. “If it's believable those other tapes will never be seen by another person. Do we have a deal?”

Though she clearly didn't like the idea, or the blackmail, she barely hesitated before holding out her hand to shake on the deal. He leaned over the bed and gave her a sweet kiss instead. Then he went to work on setting up the recorder on the dresser, slipping under the covers with her in the sunlight filled room as the delay went on for a minute. He let up the pressure on her ears, allowing her to hear again, and she gasped as the sound came back to her.

“Hello?” Relief washed over her features at the sound of her own voice. “Thank you.”

Sylar smiled at the easy gratitude she showed, hearing the camera turn on, and kissed her. Like the earlier kisses these were light, sweet, and sensual more than pornographic. He branched out, trailing little love bites and kisses down the left side of her neck and across her breasts then back up the right side. Her breath came out in pants as the arousal rose to nearly unbearable levels and then he added his hands. Under the covers he cupped her firm breast in his palm, rolling his thumb against her nipple. Claire gasped and pressed into him. The other breast received the same attention, teasing her into full awareness, and a low, quiet moan stole from her throat as he tugged her bottom lip between his teeth and thrust against her.

“I love you.” For the first time she didn't still or stiffen at the words, ignoring them completely as she played into the kiss. Her desperation to please him and avoid the humiliation of her father seeing her raped and beaten rolled off of her, giving him a good show. “Good girl.” Her stomach coiled in conflict over those words – disgust, anger, pride, and want overwhelmed her, making her breathless. Already out of breath from the kissing gasps replaced her normal rhythm and his hand dipped deeper. “You're beautiful.”

She drew him down into a kiss, parting her thighs again as he settled between them on his knees and wrapped her legs around his waist. His cock stood out rigid and ready and he slid his hands behind Claire's back, over the warm skin, pulling her towards him. Heat engulfed him, the emotion rode him, and he worked the head of his cock into her slippery pussy easily but slow. Each inch made her muscles tighten around him until he bottomed out, his eyes squeezing shut and his lips pressed again the top of her head.

She nearly whined at the sensation and her legs squeezed around him as an active participant for the first time. It'd make a good show for the camera but it made an even better experience. Underneath the fear and worry, he could feel the need and want that drove her, that allowed her to enjoy this, and he tried to pull that to the forefront. His big hands cupped her tanned face, tilting it up so that they could kiss as his hips drew back. Sylar pulled out of her, then entered again, winning a gasp and a whimper when his cock head pressed against her entrance.

“Feels good?” Her nails dug into his shoulders, creating gouges that near instantly healed. Tell me.


And he smiled at his victory, forgetting entirely about Noah for now. He had more important things to worry about. His hands raked over her back, scratching, the skin healing, and then scratching again as blood built up underneath his fingernails. His thumbs pressed against her breasts, thumb nails scraping little red lines that disappeared as soon as they showed. Bucking his hips he bottomed out in her, holding there as she shivered, his hand squeezing between their bodies to manipulate her clit. The build-up worked and Claire tumbled over the edge of her orgasm with another hard thrust, almost squeaking to contain the sounds. Usually he liked to talk during this time to reinforce all the new ideas he'd taught her but today he just murmured 'good girl' again and repeated he loved her. Trying to get it to speed up, she reared her hips back and pushed them forward, clasping his cock tightly. But that wouldn't do.

Sylar pulled out of her completely, brushing his lips over hers then over her forehead and climbed out of the bed. She sat there, confused as he padded over to the closet, tightening the sheet around her chest to cover her tits. It only served to outline them and her hard nipples but he didn't tell her that as he collected the box he'd gotten up for. The small, metal toolbox held tools of a sexual nature, instead of a repair one, and he took it to the bed. He'd stocked this earlier with sensation in mind, from feathers and vibrators to nipple clamps and rubber bands. Someday soon he'd use those but not today.

Today he pulled out a slim, eight inch vibrator with a curved end and set it on the bed before he put the toolbox on the floor. Her eyes widened a little. “Shh, you'll like it.” She already knew she would too, he was sure of it. She loved having things in her pussy almost as much as he did. Toy in hand he slipped back under the seat and turned her so her back faced the camera, the sheet drooping low around the curve where her spine ended, showing off her piercing. Today he'd put in a red ribbon just a little bit tighter than the one the day before.

“Sylar.” His name rolled off her tongue in a whisper. “Fuck me?” Maybe the camera picked it up, maybe it didn't, but he counted the little victory as he smiled at her, setting the toy aside. He'd get back to it later.

Now he grabbed her wrist from her lap, wrapping an arm around her to lay her down at the head of the bed. Her hips raised when he collected a pillow and it slid underneath like they'd been practicing this move for years. “Good girl. Time for a reward.”

His cock twitched as he slid between her spread thighs and pushed back into her with no resistance save the involuntary clenching she had in the aftermath of her orgasm. Her hands were small in his and threading their fingers together he used that grip to hold her against the bed, a subtle type of bondage to satisfy him. Everything blurred after that as each thrust of his hips rocked their bodies together. He arched his back to lick and nibble over her sweet skin, paying special attention to her collarbone. Next to her head his wrists dug against the metal around hers; it'd be just barely visible in the recording at some points. Together the sensation and knowledge bit at him, a living thing that stroked and fed him, and his orgasm built jerkily. He'd have her. By the end of this he'd have her or he'd break her so badly no one would be able to salvage her mind.

No, she'd bend. Long before she broke, she'd bend.

He exploded in orgasm suddenly and coated her insides with it as weak, gentle thrusts finished him off. Even as his cock pulled out he picked up the toy as his fingers twisted the dial to turn it on and he pushed it in. “We're going to be together forever, Claire. Long after they're all dust we'll be starting new lives and learning new things, together. I'm glad you're coming to see that it has to be this way; I know I wasn't your first choice but nature's funny that way. So I, unlike them, will never leave you – and I'll never betray you. I don't betray my family, which is more than yours can say unfortunately. He kissed her gentle as her eyes teared up at the truth of the words.

One hand pressed against her pelvis as the other worked the toy in and out of her taunt form. Her thighs shook a minute later, her hands – still where he'd left them – clenching air a minute after that, until her whole body worked in concert to give her an overpowering orgasm. At the moment of release he used her momentary loss of control, her openness, to reverse their connection and pour all of his feelings for her into her mind. And his name poured off her lips in a scream.

“Sylar,” she repeated almost silently. “Was that --”

“Yes. Those are my feelings for you.” He smiled down at her and could all but see her thinking 'weird.' The toy slipped out of her a minute later and he tossed it the side, tucking her in against her pillow as her heavy eyes drooped. “Go to sleep. I'll still be here this evening.”

Only once she'd drifted off with her thighs pushed together did he pick up the camera and turn it off. He carried it and the tripod standing in the corner out to the living room, faced towards the maroon wall inlaid with a brick fireplace for added warmth. He brought a wooden chair, a dark-stained cherry wood, over in front of the camera and sat down as the machine clicked back on. “Hello, Bennet. Angela. I hope you're relieved at what you've just witnessed. As you can see, Claire's being well taken care of with all her needs met. I wouldn't want to deny her anything.

“I really have you two to think for this. Not just because you brought Claire to my attention or left her alone and unprotected so that I could have access to her, though those things did make this all a bit easier, but because you made Claire and I the people that we are today. Me, the monster, and her, in the making. She's going to make a very good monster I think; she has the anger and the outrage for it, not to mention the creativity and willingness to inflict violence. As a protege I could hardly ask for more and, of course, it helps that she's not only very attractive but that you've betrayed her so many times that she's begun to listen to me.

“How did we ever end up here?”

He smirked at the camera, pretending to think about it for a long moment before his expression lit up in 'recognition.' “Oh, that's right! You wanted to make a better monster, Angela, and you failed spectacularly at every attempt to contain, kill, or control me, Noah. I mean it when I say I couldn't have done it without you. Angela, I'm going to make you that monster you wanted badly enough to lie to me about my parentage. Of course, if she doesn't turn on you it'd be nearly miraculous, but who sweats the little details like true motivation and your tools' feelings, right? Noah – or should I call you dad? – you're going to be a grandfather soon. Isn't that exciting? Wait, never mind, you didn't want children in the first place. I'm sure Sandra will feel differently about it.

“I think that's it for now. Enjoy the rest of your week and I'll make sure to send you another tape next week.”

Sylar waved his hand, the recorder clicked off and flew towards him. Another flick and his laptop came out of its hiding place, turning on as it came. The digital recording proved easy enough to transfer over into email and he sent one email each to Noah and Angela, making sure to put a solid wall of spoofing between his address and their own to prevent any tracking.

Good. Things were proceeding exactly as planned.

* * *

For those of you who are interested my bingo cards are here: kink_bingo and heroes_bingo. The next kinks, as I'm doing a double-line, are going to be bite marks/bruises and sensory deprivation (again).

Feedback is well-loved. Please feed the feedback monster.
MCU + Clint Yellow w/Bow
29th-Aug-2009 08:09 pm (UTC)
Oh wow. This was so wonderful, I'm not even sure where to start! Such tender lovemaking yet still just kinky enough to suit the coupling, and with a very Sylar-esque twist at the end. And poor Molly. I feel so bad for that poor girl! Although I will admit that being locked up is better than the alternative of her being dead, so yes.

Once again you've out-done yourself, m'dear! Thank you for this and I look forward to the next update! ♥
29th-Aug-2009 10:48 pm (UTC)
I really think this is my favorite multiple chapter Sylaire fic

bravo again!!!
30th-Aug-2009 02:22 pm (UTC)
This is fantastic! I can't wait to find out if Sylar breaks Claire, or if she manages to outsmart him!
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