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Fic: The Chronicle of Perdition

TITLE: The Chronicle of Perdition
CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Deep Water (Part Two)
Author: Vespaer
Characters: Sylar/Claire
Rating: Rated "PG13" for some language
Category: Romance/Angst/Mystery/Adventure (is that a category?)
Word Count: 7282
Summary: "No, I'm just here looking for my son."

Disclaimer: I don't own Heroes or anything remotely related and I bow humbly before the television gods, please have mercy on me.

A/N: WHEEEE! My life is music, kiddies. All about music right now. Like, I've even dyed my hair and we're getting ready to record. After that, we're all about live gigs. But aside from that? I have no excuse. I was firmly in the steel-trap jaws of writer's block for a long time, and on top of that I've developed a new obsession with the British version of 'Being Human'. Anyone else here ship Annie and Mitchell? GUH! They make my little shippy heart beat, I swear. Anyhoo, knuckled down today (I'm on vaca this week) and just freakin' finished up this chapter al-freakin'-ready. It's crunch time now, though. We're building up to a climax here and I have some serious planning to do, and I feel like I've been caught with my pants down! Anyhoo, this was a fun chapter - great MoNoEd trio action going on, TraLauJen trio is on to something, and Sylaire banter is a-flowin'. OH. And there's someone else making an appearance in this chapter... hmmmm...

CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Deep Water (Part Two)


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