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10 Little Things That Claire Never Thought She Would Know About Gabriel Gray. Chapter 2/2

 I've finished my first Heroes story.  Thank you to everyone who has read and/or reviewed.

I tried to link the chapter parts in the fic enteries, but for some reason it didn't work.

Here are links to all the chapters

Chapter 1 - Part One:  http://1bill-sookie.livejournal.com/3869.html

Chapter 2 - Part One:  http://1bill-sookie.livejournal.com/4166.html#cutid1

Chapter 2 - Part Two : http://1bill-sookie.livejournal.com/4440.html#cutid1

Chapter 2  Part Three:  http://1bill-sookie.livejournal.com/4820.html#cutid1

EXTRA:  Here are images of my 3 OCs, Julia Petrelli and the Gray Children  http://1bill-sookie.livejournal.com/4945.html#cutid1
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