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29th-Apr-2012 05:39 pm - Fic- Whatever it takes 25
Title: Whatever it takes 25
Author- faythbrady
Show/Ship: Heroes, Sylar/Claire
Disclaimer: I own a Hiro Nakamura samurai sword and am willing to use it.
Rating: YA/ Possible
Summary: A brief interlude and some peter/sylar bonding.

here is stuff

14th-Apr-2012 09:28 pm - Forget Me Not Chapter 18/22(?)
Title: Forget Me Not
Author: Bunny
Rating: M
Disclaimer: As if this all belongs to me! :)

Summary: Set around Shadowboxing; Claire discovers an amnesiac Sylar wandering around and takes it upon herself to help him.

A/N: Yes, I'm still alive... :)

Never forget.....
24th-Mar-2012 02:16 am - New Fic
Title:  I know you are the only one, my little taste of heaven. You know I am the only one, your bitter taste of hell
Rating: K +
Summary:  It's going to be a long and dark process accompied by anger and hate, forgiveness, guilt, and bloody encounters that involve knives and guns with a quite a bit of telekinesis and fire.
Disclaimer: Not mine expect for the plot

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17th-Mar-2012 11:52 pm - Fic- Whatever it takes 24
Title: Whatever it takes 24
Author- faythbrady
Show/Ship: Heroes, Sylar/Claire
Disclaimer: I own a Hiro Nakamura samurai sword and am willing to use it.
Rating: Higher rating due to sexiness- yes we're finally there possibly YA or nc17ish
Summary: talking and other things that include the mouth.

chapter new
29th-Feb-2012 03:57 pm - Where can I find this chapter?
Which chapter is it the "Thus Spake Zarathustra" series when Sylar piercies Claire's clitoris?
13th-Feb-2012 04:55 pm - Lost Fic
What I remember isn't much, but here it is anyway: It takes place like 100 years in the future, there is a war going on between those with powers and those without. The leader of the non powered army is dying and Claire gives him her blood. Becasue there was a spy in the army she is captured and taken to the leader of those with powers, who happens to be Syar. They have sex and in the aftermath Claire notices that there are a bunch a futristic paintings around. They are all of her and Sylar having sex (appearntly Sylar still had Issac Mendez's power and he'd been painting them for years.) I remember a line that went somthing like "It's funny how after one hundred years, it always comes back to you and me."
18th-Jan-2012 07:51 pm(no subject)

Title: All I Want Is A Normal Life
Author: 1bill_sookie  (tfbl)
Summary: All Claire has ever wanted is a normal life. This is not her normal.
Rating: Light Teen
Pairings:  Sylar/Elle, Claire/Gretchen, Peter/Emma, Sylar/Claire, Claire/Elle, Sylar/Elle/Claire.  Hints of Micah/Molly, Edgar/Lydia, Noah/Lauren, Nathan/Tracy, Claire/OC
Status: Completed

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2nd-Jan-2012 12:13 am - Fic- Whatever it takes 23
Title: Whatever it takes 23
Author- faythbrady
Show/Ship: Heroes, Sylar/Claire
Disclaimer: I own a cool Sylar poster and a cheerleader outfit but that's about it.
Rating: T
Summary: A morning visit from Angela followed by an afternoon helping Noah, this day was just getting better and better.

Click fic
28th-Dec-2011 09:00 am(no subject)

Like Sylar's feelings toward Elle, I have some doubts as to the extent of Elle's feelings toward him as well.

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Now, I think that we all agree that Sylar had strong feelings for Elle and regreted her death, but what are your thoughts on the exact strength of those feelings as well as how long his regret lasted? I have some doubts because of four things: 1. the length of time they were actually in physcial contact  2. how desperate Sylar was to please the man whom he thought to be his father 3. the number of times that Sylar tried to kill Elle before the "forgivness" epsoide  4. how Elle and the issue of her death is almost instantly forgotten about

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